With the tag team titles being vacated by Cat Power due to injury recently, all anyone can talk about is what is next for the tag team division? Who will get a shot at the gold next? And clearly, Bishy Wishy’s name comes up a lot, due to them being former tag champs themselves.

Well, unfortunately it looks like Bishy Wishy is on a bit of a break right now. We recently acquired security cam footage from just before War Games that show Bish wanting both men to focus on their singles careers for a bit. Bish has been on a bit of a losing streak recently, so clearly he needs to find the win column on his own. Fergie, who has been burned before by Pesky leaving him high and dry, wasn’t too pleased with this, but it’s hard to argue with Bish’s logic. Both men can enter the Proving Grounds tournament and tear it up, and then they can re-form stronger and better than ever.

And if you ever needed proof that Bishop really needs to get his mojo back, we also found an un-aired interview between Al Leung and Bishop from after War Games that shows that strangely enough, Bish might have the most to prove heading into the Proving Grounds tournament. Never have we seen him look so defeated.