You can’t argue the success The Wisemen have had since forming in ECCW. They struck gold early, and they held the ECCW Tag Team Championships for so long we thought they would never lose them. They held the tag titles so long they didn’t even feel the need for the PrECCW Championship, throwing it in the trash and leaving it as a Wikipedia footnote that only true die hard fans will remember.

But lately, The Wisemen have fallen on hard times. With the tag titles seemingly in the death grip of The Grindhouse, and with competition fiercer than ever for their belts, it’s not been an easy road to restore gold to the luxurious members of the Wisemen. And for a group that holds its reputation as being the cream of the crop so near and dear to its identity, this has been eating away at them.

So what better way to get some gold back into the stable then to let the Golden Boy himself, Travis Williams, attempt to take some off the waist of ol’ Arty Two Belts himself, current ECCW and Canadian Champion Artemis Spencer? Artemis Spencer has been dominating the Pacific Northwest for a long time, and it’s rare that he stumbles, but if you had to put money on someone maybe taking advantage of a tired man travelling the world defending his multiple belts, Williams might just be the guy to do it. Especially with his friends Tony Baroni and Billy Suede watching his back.

Hell, to hear Travis Williams tell it, hell, it’s practically his destiny.

September 13th. The Anvil Centre in New Westminster. Can the Golden Boy lives up to his name?

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