When Steve West put out the offer to be his tag team partner, we didn't know what to expect. Well, when a spot at the iconic Commodore Ballroom Brawl is on the line, we should have realized people would crawl all over each other just to have a shot at getting on the card.

Enter one Travis Williams. Nobody can deny the newcomer had an impressive 2017. His feud with Shareef Morrow had the people of Vancouver talking.

When that wasn't enough, Travis Williams stepped up his game and went after one of the baddest men to ever grace the squared circle, Bishop. Sure, The Bish Slayer fell short of his goal, but he brought his A game in that fight and opened many an eye across the Pacific Northwest.

One of those eyes he caught? Uncle Daddy himself, Tony Baroni. That's right, not only did Travis Williams have a great rookie year, he also became a part of an extremely exclusive club when he became an official member of The Wisemen.

With Baroni mentoring him like the loving Uncle Daddy that he is, the sky seems like the limit for young Williams. Which is why nobody should be shocked that Williams feels HE should be the person Steve West chooses as his tag team partner.

When he wakes up that is. After a night of....hydrating. So he can continue busting out reps, 24/7. After all that....hydrating.