With the announcement of a four corners match for the ECCW Tag Team Championships at Ballroom Brawl IX, Steve West had every reason to be excited.

After bursting onto the ECCW scene in 2017, he had quickly risen through the ranks and established himself as someone you couldn't take lightly. When Steve West started dabbling in the tag team scene, he began to get some momentum.

Which is why it's not surprising he's in the tag team title match at Ballroom Brawl IX.

What is surprising, is that he has no partner...yet.

ECCW management wants Steve West to put his money where his mouth is, and prove that he can be as versatile as he claims he is. That he can work with anybody in the business, and produce results.

So Steve West has one simple request leading into Ballroom Brawl IX....

Who wants to be the best with Steve West?