Steve West knew he'd have a lot of applicants to be his tag team partner at the Commodore Ballroom January 20th, at Ballroom Brawl IX.

What he didn't know is that he'd opened a doorway for the devil himself to put his foot into.

Yes, Drexl, a member of the Beauty and the Builds, has...informed....Steve West what his best option is. Mainly to embrace evil and pray he doesn't devour his soul in the process.

BUT, there is a large case to be made to choose Drexl. I mean, if you had to take on three other tag teams to try and win championship gold, who better to have on your side then the devil himself? Who better to have on your side then a person who is perfectly at home in chaos, the kind of chaos that will certainly ensue in a four way showdown? Sometimes you have to do some pretty sadistic things to win gold around here, and Drexl, well, he knows his way around a maiming or two.

Also, when is it ever a bad idea to have a member of the most dominant stable in ECCW on your side? You never know who might show up to lend a hand when a member of Beauty and the Builds is around.

But you know what? Don't take our word for it. Listen to the man himself tell you why Steve West should choose Drexl as his partner.