After being harassed by Re:Loaded all week, it looks like Scotty Mac has had enough of their games.

His website hacked. His truck defaced. A mockumentary made tearing his legacy down. Re:Loaded has certainly made a name for themselves this week.

And don't get us wrong, Scotty Mac is not a good person. If anyone deserves some of this, it's him. In fact, he more than anyone has employed many of the head games Re:Loaded is currently using over the course of his career.We bet if you were to ask him to give you an honest answer, he'd probably say he respects how Re:Loaded has taken him on like this.

It's just, actions have consequences. And when you poke the bear, just be ready for a fight. And when you poke the bear, and have to be locked into a steel cage with it, March 31st, at the Hard Rock Casino?

Well, that's when things get real ugly, real quick.

Beauty and the Builds.

Re:Loaded, Erik Strange, Mitch Mulligan and Shreddz.

This match will not end with laughter.

This match will end with unfiltered violence.