When we last saw Pete Powers take on Sid Sylum, they nearly killed each other at the Commodore Ballroom. Rumors abound that Powers broke his hand over the skull of Sid Sylum, that's how intense things got.

The match was only mercifully ended after Pete took a god damn beer bottle to the head of Sid, to put him down for the three count.

Well, Sid was never one to let things go. And Pete? Pete never needs an excuse to fight.

Except Pete wants Sid to know he should have stayed retired. That for Sid's own health, he should take a knee on this one. We interviewed him after Commodore Ballroom and Pete was fired up about it. Now imagine Pete finding out Sid wants to go another round with him?

This. This is why we made it a Hard Rock Hardcore match. Because let's face it, if we didn't make it a Hardcore match, they would have turned it into one anyways.