At Hail to the King, we saw The Natural come out to defend himself against allegations made by Andy Bird about his role in Eddie Osbourne's Canadian Championship win at the 22nd Anniversary show.

It was after those allegations were denied by Natural, however, that he let something else slip.

You know how Tony Baroni got Fergie arrested for arson? Days before Bishy Wishy was set to take on the Wisemen? Well ECCW told Natural to inform Bishop that he needed to find a partner to defend the titles, as the match at Hail to the King was still a go.

Except he never told Bishop. And Bishop learned he was defending the tag team titles mere seconds before the match took place. And with no partner in site, Bishop was forced to defend the tag team titles in a two on one match.

Now despite a heroic effort from the sexiest pile you ever did see, The Wisemen defeated Bishop to win the ECCW tag team championships.

Bish? He was a little bit upset. Lil' bit. Lil' bit angry.

And when you feel like you've just been entered into the "I've been screwed by The Natural Club", usually you try and punch him in the face. Which is what Bishop almost did.

So while Bishop didn't get the answers he wanted, he does get a Canadian Championship title shot himself, May 5th, at Cinco De Mayhem.