Friday, January 20, 2017

Chamber of Extreme Surrey March 22 2012

Tony¬† Baroni & Artemis Spencer Vs Ravenous Randy & Alex Plexis Raven Lake & Mary Jane Payne Vs Kc Spinelli & Sammy Hall Michael Sweetser Vs Andy Bird Cremator & Hellion Reaper Vs Ray Brooks & Jordie Taylor Scotty Mac Vs Danni Deeds El P & Azeem & Sid Sylum Vs JSin Sullivan & Bishop […]

Kc Spinelli & Sammy Hall Victorious Over Raven Lake & Mary Jane Payne

Article courtesy of North Starz

Results – Chamber of Extreme

March 23 12

Sammie Bambi Hall – 7 Minutes With The Canadian Sweetheart Rookie Sensation

Courtesy of North Starz

World of Hurt with Rowdy Roddy Piper

ECCW Stars featured in Season 2 on NOW!

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