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Results – VanCity Showdown

Results Vancouver September 8 2012

The History of the Elite Championship Belt(s)

By Michael Sweetser

Shake Rattle and Roll – Vancouver August 25 12

Scotty Mac and Jamie Diaz V Tony Baroni and Artemis Spencer Kc Spinelli V Riea J_Sin Sullivan V Manson Honky Tonk Man V Honky Tonk Kid Red DeNero V Cremator Nicole Matthews and Alex Plexis V Mike Santiago and Ethan HD Bishop V Ravenous Randy Myers    

Last Man Standing Vancouver July 15 2012

Alex Plexis/Andy Bird V Ethan HD/Mike Santiago Raven Lake V Sammy Hall El Phantasmo V Greedfather V Matt Xstatic Ravenous Randy V Bishop Scotty Mac/Jamie Diaz V Danni Deeds/Manson Last Man Standing – J_Sin Sullivan V Sid Sylum

Climax Surrey June 29 2012

Tony Baroni V Ethan HD El Phantasmo V Cremator Azeem the Dream V Jamie Diaz Bollywood Boyz V Nicole Matthews/Ravenous Randy Scotty Mac V Sid Sylum Hellion Reaper V Moondog Manson Ironman Match – Artemis Spencer V Bishop

TLC VII June 23 2012

Bollywood Boyz V Nicole Matthews/Andy Bird Azeem the Dream V Ethan HD Honky Tonk Kid V Tony Baroni Sid Sylum V Mike Santiago Greedfather V Danni Deeds Bishop V Artemis Spencer TLC – Scotty Mac/Jamie Diaz V Ravenous Randy/Alex Plexis    

Detailed Results TLC VII

From the desk of Insane Bill Coltrane

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