Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vindicated Port Coquitlam July 27 2012

Bollywood Boyz V The Stallions Raven Lake V Nicole Matthews Honky Tonk Kid V Cremator Grappling Gorilla V Hellion Reaper Lak Siddartha V Danni Deeds I-Ton V Ravenous Randy Scotty Mac/Jamie Diaz V Azeem the Dream/Ray Brooks Bishop V Andy Bird  

Jungle Fever June 15 2012

People Tony Baroni V Greedfather #1 Tony Baroni V Greedfather #2 Artemis Spencer V Hellion Reaper #1 Artemis Spencer V Hellion Reaper #2 Kc Spinelli V Sammy Hall #1 Kc Spinelli V Sammy Hall #2 Bishop attacks Andy Bird #1 Bishop attacks Andy Bird #2 Gauntlet Match – I-Ton V Danni Deeds #1 Gauntlet Match […]

Corey Basso returns!

Review of Vindicated in Port Coquitlam July 27 12

The Honky Tonk Kid called out to his father July 14 in Vancouver

The Honky Tonk Man has replied!

Results – TLC VII

Vancouver June 23 12

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