Monday, January 23, 2017

Results – Vendetta

Vendetta February 4 2012
The Falls Count Anywhere match was cut short and an Extreme Lumberjack match will take place later tonight as the new main event.
The Loose Canon Kenny Lush defeated Iron Mike Roselli.
Ethan HD & Aaron Bolo defeated the team of Ray Brooks & Jordie Taylor.
Nick Price had to forfeit his spot in the PAC Cup due to injury. Danni Deeds returned from retirement to take his spot and will face Scotty Mac in the first round!
Scotty Mac pinned Andy The Dreadful Bird.
Artemis Spencer defeated the Cremator and retained the NWA Canadian title.
Kc Spinelli won her match against Mary Jane Payne by DQ when Scotty Mac & Nick Price interfered. Tony Baroni ran in for the save.
The Riot, consisting of Nicole Matthews & Ravenous Randy, defeated the Bollywood lions to retain the tag team title.
Bishop defeated Sullivan in the Extreme Lumberjack Match.

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