Sunday, May 28, 2017

Results – Sweets 16 Day 2

Tony Baroni won the first match up of the night as he pinned Jordie Taylor.
A masked wrestler with a Mohawk named Disturbio fought Cremator and won.

The Bollywood Boyz defeated the team of Azeem the Dream and Sid Sylum.

Hellion Reaper pinned Patrick Large.

Jamie Diaz & Scotty Mac are the new ECCW Tag Champs defeating The Riot when Scotty pinned Nicole.

J-Sin Sullivan pinned El P after an incredible match. Sullivan then ran amok throwing chairs and eventually attacking Mary Diaz

Artemis Spencer and Bishop fought to the balcony where The Natural threw in the towel giving Artemis the win.

Due to Sullivan’s recent actions of throwing Sylum off the balcony and attacking Mary Diaz he has been fired from ECCW.

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