Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Results – TLC VII

The Bollywood Boys Defeated 1/2 of The Riot – Nicole Matthews & Andy Bird – in the opening match of TLC

Andy The Dreadful Bird was kidnapped during the first match

Azeem the Dream pinned Ethan HD

The Honky Tonk Kid was successful in his matchup against Tony Baroni

Sid Sylum retained the Elite Title by defeating Mike Santiago

The Greedfather defeated Danni Deeds

Artemis Spencer made Bishop tap out. The series now stands at 2-2. The deciding match will take place in Surrey June 29

Jamie Diaz & Scotty Mac successfully defended their tag titles against Ravenous Randy & Alex Plexis in an incredibly bloody TCL match


One Response to “Results – TLC VII”
  1. KIMBERLY says:

    hey question i was wondering if you could let people watch the matches on your eccw website that would be greatly appreciated and im also wondering when your gonna put the videos up of the vancouver show that was the tables ladder and chair match with scotty randy and andy and the rest of all the wrestlers