Sunday, January 22, 2017

Results – Quest For Gold

Aaron Bolo defeated El Phantasmo in the opening match and advances in the ECCW Championship tournament

Jamie Diaz hit the Scissor Kick on new comer Aaron Solo for the win.

Disco brought his ASW challenge directly to Scotty Mac. Called Scotty a coward among other things. Will Scotty accept the challenge?

Sid Sylum pinned Gurv Sihra after the Tombstone Piledriver and advances to the ECCW Championship finals.

KC Spinelli was victorious over Californian Davina Rose.

The team of Ray Brooks and Jordie Taylor have parted ways after several recent disagreements

The Riot – Nicole Matthews & Alex Plexis defeated Ethan HD & Mike Santiago and retained the tag team titles.

Artemis Spencer annihilated Red Denero.

Aaron Bolo suffered a concussion in his match. Ethan Hd is taking his place in the ECCW Championship final.

The winner of the match and NEW ECCW CHAMPION – Sid Sylum. #ECCW #wrestling

Michael Sweetser was power bombed by Manson onto a puddle of thumb tacks, was pinned and has now lost ownership of ECCW.

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