Saturday, April 29, 2017

Results – One Shall Reign Supreme

One Shall Reign SmallAlex Plexis pinned Andy the Dreadful Bird. Plexis now has 20 Shooting Star 6 points, Bird has 10.

Mantasia beat Jamie Diaz via DQ after Scotty superkicked Mantasia to get Diaz DQed. Mantasia has 5 Shooting Star 6 points, Diaz has 0.

Gurv Sihra pinned J_Sin Sullivan. The rest of Amerika started to beat down Gurv when Harv made his return from injury to make the save.

Ravenous Randy defeated Azeem the Dream. After the match he put Azeem through a table as Plexis and El Phantasmo looked on. Will be Plexis vs Randy in a Tables match at Halloween Hell.

The American Guns retained their ECCW Tag Titles by beating The Stallions and GODS. GODS took out Artemis Spencer before the show, so Baroni fought the match alone

Moondog Manson pinned MR2. Brian Bedlam made his ECCW return and beat up Manson post match.

Harv Sihra beat Brady Malibu

Nelson Creed defeated Scotty Mac and Kenny Lush in a Triple Threat match to become the Canadian Champion. Jamie Diaz interfered multiple times against Scotty. It will be Diaz, Taylor and Adonis (DTA) vs Scotty, Buddy Wayne and Brutus Beefcake at Halloween Hell

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