Monday, January 23, 2017

Results Chilliwack – ‘Wackdown 2

Return of the WackD.T.A. (Diaz and Taylor) defeated The Riot (Bird and Matthews).

Hellion beat Danni Deeds. After the match the House of Hell destroyed Deeds and left him laying.

The Rookie Battle Royal was deemed a no contest when G.O.D.S (Bishop and Sylum with The Natural) beat everyone up and Sid said he was winning the Canadian Title from Scotty Mac later that night.

Ravenous Randy pinned Lak Sadartha.

Scotty Mac defeated Sid Sylum with the Superkick when The Natural’s interference backfired.

Pete Powers beat Nelson Creed via Count out when Creed left saying he needed to train for his big title match at One Shall Reign Supreme.

Alex Plexis pinned Bishop to win the Main Event. Sid attacked Plexis from behind and The Natural splashed Plexis before Smac made the save. Main Event of the next Chilliwack show will be G.O.D.S vs Plexis and Scotty with Natural handcuffed to a ring post.

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