Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome to the Ravenous Era

Randy ECCW titleEver since making his ECCW debut back in 2007, Ravenous Randy has entertained and amazed audiences everywhere with his innovative moves and outlandish personality.


For nearly seven years, Randy won many battles and fought in many wars. And finally, on January 14th, the Ravenous One was victorious in winning the ECCW championship from El Phantasmo. It was a ladder match for the ages, and made Ballroom Brawl one of the best nights in ECCW history. The Ravenous Era had officially begun.

True to his persona, Ravenous Randy has shown to be a fighting champion. Randy has already successfully defended his title against former Pacific Cup winner RICK, as well as submitting El Phantasmo in a rematch from January. Most recently, Randy was successful alongside Scotty Mac against Sid Sylum and Alex Plexis.

What future challengers to the title await the champion? Winning the 2014 Pacific Cup certainly puts Bishop’s name into contention. The truth is, any of a wide number of ECCW’s stars could feel justified in being given an opportunity to step into the ring with Ravenous Randy.  And if given the choice, I know the champion would take them all on.

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