Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tom P wins the Mike Democrat Award at Halloween Hell

906142_687670301243367_756809022_oThe Mike Democrat Award was created by ECCW in October 2012 and awarded to Mike Democrat at Halloween Hell in New Westminster. It recognized his tireless devotion to the wrestling business for over 16 years. A tradition was born that night

In a wrestling world full of win-at-all-cost strategies, self-serving personalities, and “dog eat dog” mentalities, deserving recipients of the Annual Mike Democrat Award are few and far between.

Tom Pavlovic is the perfect embodiment of what this honour means. For several years now, Tom has spent countless hours creating hype, recap, and entrance videos for ECCW. Time after time, Tom manages to capture the essence of the character, the magic of the moment, the story being told.

His work is of the highest quality whether it be filming at ringside, or editing at home. The high spot, the chair shot, a title win, a look, an emotion, Tom will grab it and put it all together in a way that gives you chills.

ECCW has such a talented and hardworking crew, and Tom is no exception: In fact, he may be the measuring stick.

We are so fortunate to have him on board, and making such valuable contributions to our amazing company.







Thank you, Tom

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