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Throw Back Thursday – ECCW Live in Vancouver

ECCW LiveThursday February 8 2001

By Shane Turgeon

During my little sojourn to Vancouver at the end of January, I had the opportunity to check out Vancouver’s strongest and most promising indy wrestling federation, Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW). The ECCW, headed up by promoters Michelle Starr and John Parlett, boasts a talented house roster as well as several up-and-comers from other territories.

I check out the impressive card that the ECCW offered up to Surrey fans on January 26th at the Bridgeview Community Hall. The action got underway at 8 PM, and the building was well past sold out. The show opened with the Rockpit, which featured Rockford 2000 And One and the other two members of the Pretty Boys Club (The PBC), who delivered a strong message to recent WCW signee Christopher Daniels. Daniels, after having made a strong debut on Nitro the Monday before, was headlining this ECCW card against Dr Luther. After several minutes of goading, the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, made his way to the ring and cleared it of the PBC.

ECCW Live 5The first match up of the evening was a four-way dance for the Jobber Title featuring Moondog Manson, Ray Brooks, Average Joe and the Chinatown Gangster, Mike Lee. For a jobber match, it actually showed a lot of potential. Mike Lee and Average Joe showed a lot of drive and a lot of talent while Ray Brooks kept the audience entertained with hilarious ring antics. Moondog Manson ended up getting pinned and winning the highly coveted Jobber Title.

Next up was Rockford 2000 And One taking on Private Todd Kelly. Rockford was accompanied to the ring by the other two members of the PBC – Chance Beckett and Scotty 2000 And One. Rockford got the pin with the help of Scotty and a kendo stick.

Now, it was Scotty’s turn in the ring as he squared up against PWI (Pro-wrestling Illustrated) Top 500 member Adam Firestorm. Scotty and Adam had a tremendously tight match that featured some high spots and a lot of technical proficiency. Watch for both of these guys to go places in the wrestling industry.

ECCW Live 6A Young Lions match followed when the crazed Abbadon took on Havok. Again, a tight match was had, but the highlight had to have been the finish when Havok’s girlfriend, Buffy Republic, took a chain to the face and juiced pretty hard. Not many things can beat a talented female wrestler who is willing to Crimson mask.

The highlight of the evening was the three-way dance for the NWA/ECCW Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title between champion Disco Fury, “The Tornado” Tony kozina, and PBC member Chance Beckett. This match was amazing as all three men put their bodies on the line for the crowd. Disco was the first to be eliminated and Chance and Tony were left to battle for the title. There was a variety of CRAZY high flying spots in this match, but none were crazier than Chance’s second rope asai moonsault into the fourth row of the crowd. Chance captured the title after he and Tony impressed the crowd with one of the greatest matches I have ever seen, indy or pro.

ECCW Live 3The second last match of the evening pit Edmonton’s ECCW son Juggernaut and a less-than-memorable tag partner against Michelle Starr and Johnny Canuck’s team known as G.O.D.

After much delay caused by the hi-jinks of G.O.D., the match got underway, and as the majority of men this match were 250+ pounds, it was mostly a power match. The highlight of this match, however, came when Juggernaut, who weighs close to 400 pounds, did a flying cross body block from the top rope to the floor, wiping out six men and three rows of the crowd. The move garnered a well deserved “Holy Shit” chant from the crowd.

The main event to an already impressive card was, as I mentioned before, current ECCW Heavyweight Champion Dr Luther defending his title against newly-signed WCW star Christopher Daniels. Much to my surprise, Dr Luther was none other than Lethal Lenny Sincalir, whose name should be familiar should be familiar to local CanAm wrestling fans. Luther and Daniels worked a hard match that ended with Luther retaining his belt due to some interference by Abbadon, Juggernaut, and the PBC.

I must admit, after watching the incredible ECCW show, it’s been hard to return to a city that has such a poor indy scene. The ECCW is miles ahead of both CanAm and the obscenely weak CCW promotions that float around here.

ECCW Live 2If you are ever the Vancouver area and you want to check out these guys, do it. You can find out more about the ECCW by checking out their website at If you are interested in learning the ways of pro-wrestling, they also operate the House of Pain wrestling school in Van that, I can assure you, is far superior to any “school” you will find here in town.

To close this, I would like to extend my best wishes to Havok who, one night after the Surrey show, suffered a broken hip after a moonsault into the crowd in Auburn, Washington.



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