Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Throw Back Thursday – ECCW: Blood and Dreams

BLood and DreamsIn Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling battles are fought, names are made, and blood is spilled. Get to know the characters and the men behind them. Join them on their quest to become the best. Join them in a world of….BLOOD & DREAMS

Filmed in 2001

Uploaded on Jul 2, 2007

In ECCW battles are fought, names are made. Get to know the pain and desire of the people behind ECCW.

Best Post-Secondary Documentary – 2002 Cascadia Festival of Moving Images

Produced: Shay Bulmer

Executive Producer: Jon Stoddart

Writer: James Callander

Edited: Carrie Trytko

Directed: James Callander




Juggernaut corino-juggernaut







Chance Beckett
















Scotty 2000

scottymac 2000








And Dave Republic


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