Tuesday, January 17, 2017


BB Elimination TagThe Bollywood Boyz [Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra] (Champions) vs. Amerikan Guns [Ethan HD & Mike Santiago] (Challengers) vs. The Riot [Nicole Matthews & Andy “The Dreadful” Bird] (Challengers)

The Bollywood Boyz, the Amerikan Guns and The Riot have been ruling the tag team landscape of ECCW for some time. Each team has had their hands on the Tag Team straps and have gotten a taste of what it’s like to be at the top of the heap and they still have a taste for being the best. The Guns and the Bollywood Boyz have been embroiled in a tough back-and-forth war since summer 2013 but, it was the Amerikan Guns getting the win over The Bollywood Boyz at Van City Showdown on January 4th that earned them their spot in this match (it may have been a disqualification win but, a “W” is a “W”). The Riot may had been dealing with some internal combustion in the couple of months leading up to the New Year but, as seen in their victory against Brady Malibu and Taya Valkyrie at Van City Showdown, Nicole Matthews and Andy “The Dreadful” Bird are definitely on the same page and very deserving of this title shot.

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