Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Road to Ballroom Brawl 2

BBHarry SmallJanuary 18, 2014 was the biggest night in the 18 year history of Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling with the tremendous success of Ballroom Brawl.
The Commodore Ballroom was sold out in advance, and upwards of 1000 screaming fans applauded the efforts of ECCW’s top talent.



July 12, 2014 we do it all again, trying to top the first one with ECCW Ballroom Brawl II: Tables Ladders & Chairs!

BallroomBrawl 2
This time it’s the Canadian Championship that hangs from the ceiling of Vancouver’s most illustrious venue, with four of the best doing whatever it takes to bring home the gold.
The Canadian Championship is currently held by Tony Baroni, who is no stranger to TLC matches…or successful title defenses, for that matter. If he can continue his winning ways between now and July 12, he’ll get the chance to defend his title in the main event of this very special night.
Baroni’s challengers will be determined by 4-Ways taking place over the next three shows at the RCC in Kitsilano. The first one takes place on May 10 between Storm Academy graduate – John Atlas, Former Canadian Champion – Artemis Spencer, Farmer  ECCW Tag Champion  – Alex Plexis, and Former ECCW & Shimmer Tag Team Champion –  Nicole Matthews.
The second 4-Way occurs on May 31, with ECCW’s most decorated wrestler of all time – Scotty Mac, former member of Natural Selection  – “Dynamite” Dan Myers, and current RCW Tag Team Champions  – Evan Adams and Scotley Crew.
The last spot in Tables Ladders & Chairs will go to the wrestler that wins the 4-Way on June 20, containing former Canadian Champion  – “King of the Yukon”, 2008 Pacific Cup Champion – Billy Suede, Former ECCW Tag Team Champion – Mike Santiago, and Former ECCW Champion – Pete Powers.
These are twelve of ECCW’s top contenders, but who has what it takes to defeat three other wrestlers to earn their spot in the main event of Ballroom Brawl II?
Will Tony Baroni still be Champion when July 12 rolls around?
One thing’s for sure…tables will be broken, chairs will be swung, and ladders will be climbed…not to mention all of the other chaos that is guaranteed to ensue. At the end of it all there will be one wrestler standing tall in what is sure to resemble a war-zone…and that man will be the Canadian Champion.


2 Responses to “The Road to Ballroom Brawl 2”
  1. Big J says:

    Put tickets on sale now! I missed out last time because tickets sold out and all my friends were sayin “Big J you missed out on the best show of the year” I do not want to miss out this time.

    BRING ON THE TLC !!!!!!!!

  2. TK- Mongoose says:

    Bring it on donkey Kong- this is going to be so vicious . i heard the last time they took it fight to the street and Andy the dreadful bird got his by a bus!

    dude will never walk again