Friday, June 23, 2017

The RIOT is at it again!

In order to make Saturday’s event in Port Coquitlam memorable, Randy and the gang have gotten their hands on ECCW DVDs,  and t-shirts and tickets for both upcoming ECCW wrestling events in Vancouver and the advance screening of G.I.Joe: Retaliation on Monday, March 25!  There are 21 prizes that will be presented to several lucky fans in attendance in between each match…all you have to do is hold on to your ticket!  In addition to the to the t-shirts, tickets, and DVDs, we’ll be giving a fan the opportunity to be guest time-keeper for the semi-main event!

Randy, Andy, Nicole, and Alex, and the rest of the ECCW staff want the ECCW fans to know how much we appreciate them and that’s what Saturday, March 23 in Port Coquitlam is all about!  Prizes, prizes, and more prizes, and the best wrestling action possible!

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