Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Ringed Migration – ANDY BIRD

AndyIt’s been years since Andy the Dreadful Bird packed his feathers and came out west to learn the craft of professional wrestling. After training with fellow RIOT member and ECCW champion Ravenous Randy, Andy joined his mentor and cohort in one last big move, this time to Vancouver and permanent residence in ECCW.


After many top matches and a share of the ECCW tag team titles, it was time for Andy to take his talents back to his hometown of Saskatoon. The HIW promotion had booked Andy for their HIW Red Line event on April 17th. But for Andy, the opportunity was as much of a family reunion as it was a chance to show his stuff for family and friends.


“The trip was tremendous, the best of my life. I accomplished so much and saw so many friends and family that I haven’t seen in over 5, 10, even 15 years! The children on my reserve were amazed that one of their family members is a wrestler. Everywhere I went they dropped their jaws and came to talk to me. Their principal and many teachers approached me and asked if I would return on May 23rd for the school’s graduation ceremony, and give a motivational speech to everyone about dreams and how they can come true.”


After a great match with the very respectable Jeff Tyler, Andy returned to the west coast with a new sense of purpose. “The whole trip managed to open a lot of doors for my future. I feel inspired, motivated, fresh, and have a clear mind as to what I want to do.”

The skies have opened wide for Andy, and he clearly intends to fly high.

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