Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Random Act of Kindness

logoThis is a story submitted by one of our fans, Amy-Lyn Shaw, who is an instructor at Ridge Meadows Shotokan dojo. 

She heard a man on CFOX and chose to make a difference in someone’s life:

I was driving down the same road as always do on Monday morning, half listening to my kids discuss the vital statistic of their Skylanders, planning out the order in which I would get all my chores done before 2:00 when I would resume being a super mom and a fabulous fiancé.

There was the story on the Jeff O’Neil Show on CFOX that caught my attention. A single father explained that weekend his life had been changed forever.

His daughter and her friend had been viciously assaulted. Later they found that their home had been broken into. He said that their photos and other personal items had been taken. His voice quivered when he went on to say his daughter wouldn’t come home now. He said she was so shaken and upset about the assault and the robbery that she no longer felt safe in her own home.

The silent radio host was at a loss for words. He empathized and said that although there was nothing he could do to make it better he would like to send this man and his daughter to see the ECCW wrestling show at the Commodore on Jan18th 2014.

I have heard that life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. I thought to myself “WOW this young girl’s life sure did take a beating this weekend. If she doesn’t even have the courage to stay in her own home with her family how scared must she be?”

I had an immediate rush of gratitude towards my own family and the courage that I posses. My courage comes from strong roots and a life time in my dad’s dojo. Then my dad’s words flashed through my mind “Don’t worry about the stuff you can’t change, change the stuff you can.”

I knew right then I could use my dojo to teach this young girl the skills she would need to defend herself against any kind of physical and mental attacks for the rest of her life. I wanted to find this dad that and tell him I would teach his daughter self defense for free for as long as it takes for her to feel safe in her own home.

I tried to contact the radio station,to no avail. The radio station didn’t reply to my emails. I thought maybe my friend Mary Diaz, co-owner of ECCW, can help me find this dad and she did!

When we finally contacted the dad he was full of gratitude and extremely excited at the thought of his daughter feeling safe again. She begins her training next month at Ridge Meadows Shotokan dojo.

So, it looks like my dad was right again, there was nothing I could do or say about the awful events of that weekend that would erase them or make this world a less harsh place to be.

By caring and persisting and changing what we could Mary Diaz, ECCW, CFOX and Ridge Meadows Shotokan are able to make a difference.

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