Monday, January 16, 2017

Quick Results from Chamber of Extreme April 29 2011

Artemis Spencer defeated Stallyn Smith to retain the Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title

Azeem the Dream defeated Jamie Diaz to reclaim the Vancouver Island Title

RICK defeated J Sin Sullivan

Deeds and Cremator defeated the team of Ray Brooks and Jordie Taylor

Tenille defeated Veronika by submission

Tony Baroni and Pete Powers battled to a double DQ count out

El Phantasmo reigned supreme in the Chamber of Extreme over Scotty Mac


One Response to “Quick Results from Chamber of Extreme April 29 2011”
  1. Mario says:

    I guess it makes sens for Tenille to win against Veronika Vice before going Toe to Toe against Nicole Matthews in a week. I’m sorry for Vice who had to job in this one but if ECCW is smart they would push her as soon as Tenille leaves and give her the SuperGirls Championship once again

    P.S. I think that pitting those last Tenille’s matches on Youtube would bring even more attention to the Women’s Division of ECCW