Monday, January 16, 2017

Quick Results for Diva’s Last Dance.

Kenny Lush and Jordie Taylor defeated Stallyn Smith and Azeem the Dream

The Saturday Sermon by The Divine Prophet included the Green Men.

J_Sin Sullivan defeated Dropkick Murphy

Pete Powers pinned Danni Deeds in a four way frenzy with Jamie Diaz, and Harv Sihra

Nicole Matthews pinned Tenille Tayla in Tenille’s last match with ECCW

Tony Baroni retained his title when he defeated Gurv Sihra

Bishop pinned Red Money

Artemis retained his title when he defeated The Prophet in an ‘I repent’ match


One Response to “Quick Results for Diva’s Last Dance.”
  1. blake milton says:

    did the natural still have to kiss Kenny lush’s ass cause sudede did not compete