Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pacific Cup 2003: How to Pin a Dragon

Thinking back now, the 2003 Pacific Cup stands out as a favourite of mine.  I had been quite the regular at ECCW events by this time and I had my mainstay  favourites in the company.  Chance Beckett, Black Dragon, Adam Firestorm, Michelle Starr, Juggernaut…  But this year, 2003, there was a new crop of guys that I had been watching since they were competing as students of the ECCW House of Pain in Langley, B.C. and this was their shot to own the spotlight.  The most notable of these were Aaron Idol and Scotty Mac.  It should be noted that this was the first year were the show became a 2 day extravaganza consisting of the opening round on night one, and then the quarter finals, the semi finals and the final match to determine the champion.


Aaron Idol made it all the way to the semi finals, and there was no shame surrounding his departure from the tournament.  He lost to a man that many were considering to be the greatest independent wrestler in the world at that time, “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson (now known as WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan).  It was the first time those to tangled on the canvas of an ECCW ring but, it would not be the last.


Scotty Mac had a long, hard row to hoe in this tournament and, as a huge supporter of his, it was an exciting night for me.  His opponents throughout the 2 days of action ended up being an all-star lineup of guys that would put Scotty Mac to the test and he victoriously met every challenge head on.  His journey led him through Chance Beckett in the opening round, Tony Kozina in the quarter finals and Black Dragon in the semis.


Many a knight in tales of lore can lay claim to slaying one dragon.  Now in the finals, Scotty Mac stood across the ring from another dragon, The American Dragon.  And it was this second man named after the fire breathing beast of legend that aimed to end Scotty Mac’s quest to become king… or, wait… I mean Pac Cup champion.  In a match that should be listed among the greatest in ECCW history, these two men tore into each other.  AmDrag brought out the best in our home promotion hero and Scotty Mac brought out the best in the Bryan Danielson.


It was during this match where a sequence of events unfolded that best exemplifies what pro wrestling if all about.  I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.  It went like this: Scotty was caught straddling the top turnbuckle, his back facing the ring. Danielson climbed up to the second turnbuckle trying to set Smac up for a top rope Backdrop Suplex.   Scotty Mac started furiously throwing back elbows into the side of AmDrag’s head until he fell flat on his back on the canvas.  Danielson lay there for a second, shook out the cobwebs and as he got up to scale the second rope again the crowd started to rumble.  Again, Scotty Mac rocked the Dragon with elbows until he fell off the second tier of the ring onto his back.  As Dragon got up a third time to attempt to get Scotty Mac, the rumble became a roar.  This scenario repeated itself 5 or 6 times.  Danielson up, Scotty knocks him down.  But every time AmDrag got up the crowd got louder and louder until it was deafening in the great Bridgeview Hall in Surrey where the event was held.  The energy in that building, in that moment, was amazing.  It’s an intangible feeling.  It’s a feeling that words will fail to describe.  It’s why I love ECCW and pro wrestling.  Scotty went on to win that match and become the 2003 Pacific Cup champion and I couldn’t have been more excited for him and for the company for providing such a tremendous night of action and memories.  (Honourable mention: Black Dragon’s Shooting Star Press off the ring apron onto a prone Ryan Wood on the floor was incredible as well.)


Tomorrow we look forward to Pacific Cup 2004.  And as the old cliché goes, you can’t appreciate the sunny days without a rainy day.  We will explore that thought and it’s applicability.  For now, if you’ve got something to add that I’ve missed, please leave a comment.  We’d all love to hear your memories and thoughts as we travel this road to the 13th annual Pacific Cup.


Tune up the Delorean, we have plenty more time traveling to do.

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