Sunday, May 28, 2017

ONE ON ONE MATCH Artemis Spencer vs Alex Plexis

BBArtyPlexisWrestling purists of the world will unit together with glee for this match. Just like they’re kids again, sitting down and watching the greats going hold for hold, move for move, countermove for countermove. I’ll say this, there are few men that can stand in the ring with Artemis Spencer and hold their own for very long. A student of multiple disciplines of combat as well as a young man that has spent his entire adult life and half of his teenage years in the ring, I’d confidently match him up with anyone the wrestling world had to offer. Enter, Alex Plexis. To call him an “up-and-comer” would be a bit of a misnomer as he certainly has been on the scene for a long while now but, I’d dare say that in the past 6 months he has really “arrived”. Coming out of his break up with The Riot and joining forces with the ECCW Champion El Phantasmo, Plexis has definitely been carving out his place among the top players in ECCW. He definitely has the tools to bring the fight to Artemis Spencer in what is surely going to be a grappling, highflying spectacle. And the winner of this match will, I’m sure, find themselves at the front of the line for a title shot very soon.

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