Friday, May 26, 2017

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Ballroom Brawl 5

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Bishop and the Amerikan Gunz vs The Cunninghams and Ravenous Randy (Ballroom Brawl 5)

We take you back to a time when Bishop was still evil, the Amerikan Gunz were still shooting, and The Cunninghams were a pair of delightful lads with a catchy entrance tune, who just wanted to have fun, you know? Ravenous Randy was still Ravenous, but there was less serenading from him back then.

Yes, it was Ballroom Brawl V, and these two teams opened up the show with a lot of crazy action. There were high flying leaps of faith, there were slams of righteous fury, and there was Bishop dancing without a care in the world.

Sit back and watch some of the guys who are in action this Saturday at “A Nation’s Pride” (Bishop, Santiago, Carl Cunningham) try and wreck each other in front of a totally sober Commodore Crowd.

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