Monday, January 16, 2017

LADDER MATCH FOR THE ECCW CHAMPIONSHIP El Phantasmo (Champion) vs “Ravenous” Randy Myers

BB Elp RandyI struggle to think of any two men that have been so intrinsically bound together, as if they were atoms sharing a covalent bond, quite like these two men. Remember years back, when El Phantasmo was a loveable character that would flap his arms and run around the ring making the crowds roar with laughter as well as with his amazing abilities in the ring. And “Ravenous” Randy would also have the audience in stitches while wowing them with his wrestling prowess. These two had some classically hilarious matches, during one of which they actually proposed to each other with a gorgeous looking Ring Pop. But as time moves on, the winds of change blow without remorse or concern for the good tidings or bad that they drag along with them. Something happened between these two that nary one man could put a finger on that changed the course of this friendship… scratch that. One man could put his finger on it. That man would be El Phantasmo. After spending his whole career seemingly wrestling for the laughter of the crowd more so than for the victories (though he won his fair share too), it became apparent that when he was in the big match, when a major title was on the line, he failed to execute. After a while, he’d have to think, what good is laughter when he can’t win the big match and get up to the level of the big money players? Because, let’s be honest, who did Laughing ever beat? El P’s attitude soured, people began to boo him but, a funny thing happened; he became more focused in the ring. And at TLC VIII on July 6th, Randy had climbed the ladder, he reached up and unstrapped the title. Unfortunately for him, the referee was momentarily distracted by Alex Plexis. So just before the ref turned around, El P jumped up and snatched the championship out of Randy’s hands. The referee saw the strap in El P’s arms and so began the Age of Phantasmo. Wether or not you agree with his tactics is irrelevant when you look at the results. He finally won the “Big One”. Randy, who had be teetering on the brink for sometime before that, cracked after that match and walked the streets of Vancouver bloodied, shirtless, Championshipless, hopeless. Soon he found out he was in the Shooting Star 6 tournament. And that Shooting Star brought with it a new hope. Randy won the tournament granting him a cage match against El Phantasmo at the Day of the Dead. However, thanks to El P’s school of piranhas swimming around outside the ring, the number’s where to much. Now, it seems, Randy knows what it’s like to just not quite make the pay window for the champion’s share of the purse. Though he might not have the strap to prove it, inside the chest of “Ravenous” Randy Myers beats the heart of a champion. He was matched up against Artemis Spencer in a number one contender’s contest on November 30. Even though El P tried to distract him, Randy was able to roll up Artemis Spencer for the three count. And this brings us to January 18th, 2014. The Commodore Ballroom. Ladder Match. Will this be the final chapter in this saga? Will “Ravenous” Randy finally climb the ladder to the top and become the undisputed ECCW champion? Or will this chapter end only to reveal many more chapters to go? Will El Phantasmo find a way to hold on to his coveted prize? Find out LIVE!

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