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Kc Spinelli Successfully Defends ECCW Women’s Championship Over Davina Rose

(Monday April 30, 2012) – On Friday April 27th, 2012 at Bridgeview Hall in Surrey, BC, ECCW (Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling) held “Quest For Gold” that saw ECCW Women’s Champion Kc Spinelli take on one of her toughest challenges to date Davina Rose. Rose who hails from California is a tough veteran of the sport who has faced and defeated some of the best women wrestlers in the world. In addition, Rose has competed in the Shimmer promotion on several occasions. With that said Spinelli has faced all challenges and has not ducked anyone. Would this spell the end of Spinelli’s championship reign or would the champ send Rose home with a few new dents?

Rose entered the ring first and made sure the fans knew just how confident she was. Having studied Spinelli’s style Rose felt the title would be all but hers on this night. However, Spinelli would have none of this idea as she entered the ring to the roar of the crowd. Spinelli gave her championship belt to the referee but Rose took it and jumped up in the corner to foreshadow what she thought was going to be the end result.

Spinelli wanted to show just who was #1 in the hearts of the fans as she jumped up in the corner to get the accolades from the fans however Rose saw the opportunity and pounced on the champion smashing her in the back and pulling her down from the corner with authority. Rose followed up with several forearm smashes to the champ as she was determined to make quick work of Spinelli.

This was a huge mistake as it just fuelled Spinelli’s fire as she bounced off of the ropes and smashed an elbow into Rose’s face. Spinelli followed her advantage up by smashing Rose with two big clothesline and caught the Californian with a beautiful dropkick that had the challenger reeling out on her feet. The extremely intelligent Rose did the smart thing and tried to get out of the ring to regroup however Spinelli saw this and went straight at her wounded challenger dragging her back into the ring. Rose was able to whip Spinelli into the corner as she charged in at the champion but Spinelli jumped onto the middle ropes to avoid the contact. The challenger instead caught nothing but turnbuckles with her chest as the impact knocked her outside of the ring.

Spinelli made the mistake of chasing Rose outside of the ring as this broke her momentum and allowed Rose the opportunity to clear her head and lower the boom on the champion once the two got back into the ring. Rose then targeted the champion’s left shoulder and arm and for the first time in the match she had Spinelli hurt badly and in serious trouble. The challenger followed up her assault with some well place stomps and as Spinelli tried to sit up Rose gave her multiple running kicks right to the chest and back. You could hear the loud cracking of her boot on flesh as well as hear the air rush out of the champion from the velocity of the kicks.

Feeling that she had the match well in hand Rose ascended the tops ropes looking to finish off the champion however she took too much time. As Rose leaped off of the top ropes Spinelli leaped high in the air and caught Rose with a perfectly timed drop kick that dropped Rose like a Pacific redwood.

Spinelli got her second wind at this point in the bout as she forearm smashed Rose several times that had her reeling and followed this up with a beautiful overhead suplex.

Even though Spinelli was unable to get the three count after the suplex it was only a matter of time as Rose was dazed and hurt badly by the champion. Spinelli got a hold of her worn down challenger and drove her hard into the canvas. The champion then walked to the corner and climbed high up to the top ropes as the crowd cheered her on and leaped off backwards flipping mid air in an amazing Spin Cycle moonsault and came crashing down across the chest of the prone Davina Rose. It was all elementary at this point as Spinelli picked up the hard fought three count victory to retain her title in impressive fashion.

North Starz – Kc Spinelli Successfully Defends ECCW Women’s Championship Over Davina Rose

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