Monday, January 23, 2017


BB2 Sold out

If you’ll pardon my excitement, we are ONE DAY away from a second sold out performance at the famous Commodore Ballroom in beautiful Vancouver. Mayor Gregor Robertson has already declared that this Saturday, July 12th, shall be recognized as Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Day in Vancouver. This is a tremendous accolade for ECCW, and a great day for pro wrestling in British Columbia. When I look back at the evolution of ECCW since I first started in 2002, it is great to see all of the hard work and effort put in by promoters, wrestlers, officials, and staff over the last 12 years bringing ECCW and the sport of wrestling in BC to such a high level of standard and success.


It is with great pleasure that I give a final look at the lineup for tomorrow’s event, with thoughts on how the action will transpire.


TLC IX for the Canadian Championship


Tony Baroni (c) vs Alex Plexis vs Mike Santiago vs Scotty Mac


One of ECCW’s most popular matches, the ninth incarnation of TLC sees Baroni looking for a successful title defense on the biggest stage of his career. Plexis and Santiago are no strangers to big time matches, and I expect both will be putting out all the stops in their respective quests to finally win singles gold in ECCW. And of course, Scotty Mac is no stranger to TLC or titles. He’s had quite a war going with the House of Hell, so I have to wonder if his body, mind, and soul can be fully invested in this match. He’s stepped up many times before. I expect a memorable encounter from these phenomenal athletes.

Mumbai Street Fight for the ECCW Tag Team Championship


Bollywood Boyz (c) vs G.O.D.S. w/ The Natural


Fresh off an appearance at Tigerfest in Toronto, the Boyz have come home looking to settle the score with GODS. The last time I saw these two teams together in the same ring, the championships were left laying after an assault with steel chairs and power moves the likes of which Bishop and Sid Sylum love to dish out. The Mumbai Street Fight puts things at an even keel, as the Sihra brothers look to retain the titles they hold dearly and defend honourably. Street fight rules suggest the ever present interference of The Natural will be front and center. The party may be over in Bollywood if the GODS make the most of their size, strength, and numbers advantage.


ECCW Women’s Championship


Nicole Matthews (c) vs Veronika Vice


As I had previously written this week, this could be the most personal and heated match on the card. The return of Vice is a game changer, as she knows Matthews’ in-ring game inside and out. The same can be said for the champion, however. So this could well be a match determined by not only who makes the first mistake, but who can be the first to capitalize.


Special Attraction Triple Threat Match


El Phantasmo vs Ethan HD vs Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana


Originally scheduled to be a classic singles match between the legendary high flyer and the international superstar, it was the shrewd attorney Christopher Cassidy, who was fired by ELP and subsequently hired by the American Gunz, who managed to get Ethan HD into this now three-way encounter. Ethan is a fantastic wrestler, who is more than a capable challenge for either man. Colt Cabana is a world travelled warrior who has faced off against some of the best in the business. The humour he injects into his matches entertains crowds while simultaneously infuriating his opponents into making mistakes. A device that ELP is no stranger to. ECCW’s resident show stealer has unbelievable aerial agility and seemingly knows no fear. ELP will be looking to return to the top, HD wants to reach the top, and Cabana will be showing why he is one of the most successful independent wrestlers today. Prediction: Outstanding wrestling.


Six-Man Tag Team Match


East Van Warriors (Kenny Lush, Billy Suede, and King of the Yukon)


DTA (Jamie Diaz, Jordie Taylor, and Daniel Adonis)


In what has the potential to be an instant classic, the fan favourite Warriors will be clashing with the always impressive, though often repugnant, members of DTA. The collective championship resume of Lush, Suede, and the King is impressive unto itself, but even more so is how these three men can stir up any crowd into a frenzy. But a frenzy is also how I would describe the gameplan of DTA. The young lions are seemingly all attack, all the time. With such a volatile mix of experience, aggression, and hunger, they should be considered ECCW’s most dangerous trio.


Best of 5 Series (Match 1)


“Supernatural” Nelson Creed vs Artemis Spencer


Take two conflicting personalities, mix in a style clash, and multiply it by five. On a night where some feuds will end, and others might begin, this feud continues on unabated. Previous encounters between these two have been nothing short of spectacular. ECCW’s resident Shakespearrean is as technically sound as they come, and is no stranger to Artemis’ in-ring reputation as one of the greats. Spencer is no stranger to taking on a rival in a competitive series, and should be more than up for the challenge. Winning the opening match sets the tone and establishes momentum. “Supernatural” knows that anything less will be a tragedy.


Tag Team Encounter


The Entourage (Pete Powers and Brady Malibu) vs The RIOT (Ravenous Randy and Andy the Dreadful Bird)

As the old saying goes, there’s strength in numbers. The Entourage is the latest group on the scene in ECCW, and represents a combination of smarts, size, and speed that is arguably unmatched by any other combination. They’ll be looking to make a name for themselves and establish their presence in ECCW at the expense of The RIOT. That’s easier said than done when you consider their opponents are the violent and funky Ravenous Randy and his cohort in crime, top young high flyer Andy the Dreadful Bird. Randy and the Bird have the advantage of experience as a tag team, which they’ll need if they are to be successful in this encounter. They’ll need eyes in the back of their heads though, as The Entourage will take any advantage they can to defeat their rivals.

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