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The events of ECCW’s “Quest For Gold” event on April 27, 2012 in Surrey, British Columbia have obviously left ECCW in a state of flux, due to the forfeiture of ownership by Michael Sweetser, due to losing the “Ultimate Jeopardy” match.

As a result of this monumental change, the Board of Directors of the National Wrestling Alliance convened in an emergency meeting, and would now like to issue the following statement:

* Michael Sweetser is indeed no longer the owner of Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, with full forfeiture of ownership being effective as of April 28, 2012. However, on April 25, Mr. Sweetser enacted a managerial contract between himself and ECCW, licensing him as a manager to Scotty Mac, Jamie Diaz, Nick Price, Red DeNero and Mary Jane, formerly known as the Administration.

* All decisions and changes made by Mr. Sweetser prior to April 27, 2012 are still in effect with the full support of the National Wrestling Alliance. Specifically, Mr. Sweetser’s aforementioned managerial contract is still in effect, and Mr. Sweetser’s signing of a six-person tag team match for the ECCW tag team championship between the team of Scotty Mac, Jamie Diaz and Mary Jane, and the “Riot” team of Alex Plexis, Andy The Dreadful Bird and Nicole Matthews for ECCW’s live event in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 26 will still take place. In addition, the anniversary weekend on May 25 and 26 in Surrey and Vancouver will still be referred to as “Sweets 16″ due to contractual obligations already in place.

* Due to the bylaws of the National Wrestling Alliance, upon total forfeiture of ownership of an NWA-affiliated promotion, actual ownership of ECCW is to be assumed by the NWA until new ownership can be obtained. To wit, the NWA controlled ECCW until April 30, 2012, when controlling interest in ECCW was purchased from the NWA by a business group located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Due to the immediate nature of the transaction and confidentiality agreements between this group and the NWA, the identity of this group will remain anonymous until such time as these confidentiality agreements expire or the group makes their identity public.


Board of Directors
National Wrestling Alliance

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