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fightTHE BIGGEST CHARITY EVENT OF THE SUMMER! “FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT” will be held on FRIDAY JULY, 12TH 2013 at 7pm @ the Croatian Cultural Centre. All Proceeds Go To The Aerial Conservation Drone Project (The Rhino Drone Project). Let’s Track These Poachers!


“FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT” will take place FRIDAY JULY, 12TH 2013 starting at 7pm @ the Croatian Cultural Centre.

Make a difference and come have some fun as we throw a loaded variety show hosted by youtube sensation Peter Chao and filled with burlesque, comedy, music, a few surprises and yours truly wrestling in the MAIN EVENT. Please join me in helping build a better environment and having some fun, together we WILL make a difference!!!!


“FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT” will be hosting a celebration party after the event. The venue will be held at Barcelona Night Club

After our successful Charity Event


Inspired by a nonprofit organization out of South Africa, who hope to raise $20,000 to build a drone that will patrol the Pilanedburg Reserve in hopes to locate and arrest poachers. Poaching is such a serious issue that there are sadly only 37 White Rhino’s left in South Africa.

For More Information Please Visit:

Homepage: http://www.rhinodrone.co.za/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RhinoDrone

The Fictionals Comedy Company
Website: https://www.thefictionals.com/
Twitter Page: https://www.twitter.com/thefictionals
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thefictionals

Peter Chao
Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/pyrobooby
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PeterChaoFans
Twitter Page: https:// www.twitter.com/pyrobooby
Instagram: instagram.com/peterchao

Website: http://www.eccw.com/
Facebo0k Page: https://www.facebook.com/EliteCanadianChampionshipWrestling

Instagram: http://instagram.com/eccw_wrestling#

Barcelona Night Club (Vancouver Nightlife Awards 2010 Nightclub of the Year)
As seen in ‘This Means War’ with Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.
Address: 1180 GRANVILLE STREET Telephone: 604.249.5151


2 Responses to “FIGHT FOR WHAT’S RIGHT!”
  1. me says:

    “All Proceeds Go To The Aerial Conservation Drone Project (The Rhino Drone Project)”…”Inspired by a nonprofit organization out of South Africa, who hope to raise $20,000 to build a drone… there are sadly only 37 White Rhino’s left in South Africa.”
    from the WWF website:
    “The southern white rhino is a major conservation success – but with only four animals remaining, the northern white rhino is very close to disappearing from the wild.”
    from the YouTube promotional video:
    “Mecca Entertainment presents ‘Fight for What’s Right'”

    I can’t find any info on Mecca Entertainment on the internet.
    I don’t find “Rhino Drone” company/charity on Wikipedia.
    http://www.rhinodrone.co.za mentions Justin Porteous is the Founder, but I don’t find this person in LinkedIn.
    Sorry for being skeptical, but how do we know this isn’t a scam? what’s the name of the registered charity gathering money for the cause?

  2. Mary says:

    Hi, my name is Duncan MacLellan. I am the event organizer and producer of Fight For What’s Right. I apologize for the delay in response time, it has been challenging to figure out how to send such a large donation from Canada to the South African Non Profit Organization.

    Because its a lengthy process obtaining a registered charity number from the CRA and this being a one off fundraising event, we had to find alternate ways to send the money raised. That being said, we have the fundraising membership number which is registered with the South African Institute of Fundraisers which is G1540AS13.

    The NPO number that is in accordance with the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust is 115327.

    In regards to Mecca Entertainment, that is my personal production company. Mecca Entertainment produces theatre in Vancouver, BC and has just recently branched out to film which will be released soon.

    Here are some more webpages you can visit for more information on The Drone Project, Justin Porteous, and The Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust.



    Thank you for your questions and we hope to see you on July 12th!

    Duncan MacLellan