Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Fight For What’s Right


“Fight For What’s Right” was an eclectic event created to raise funds to build a non-military drone which will monitor the landscape of South Africa. This drone will help to protect wildlife (specifically the endangered White Rhino) from poachers. The White Rhino is almost extinct due to poaching. The Western Black Rhino was recently declared extinct and rhinos aren’t the only animal that are murdered for nothing more than their horns, skins or tusks. If we don’t do something now to protect these precious creatures against poaching we could lose these species forever. Even though the FFWR event raised enough money to construct the drone itself (Yaaay!) it came up short of the target goal.  The funds raised from this video will go toward purchasing essential equipment, including night vision cameras.









Founder of Mecca Entertainment Duncan MacLellan, who resides in Vancouver BC,  became interested in the Rhino Drone project after reading an article in Scientific American. The article spoke about innovative ways to protect the endangered rhinos. “I like the idea of something tangible,” Duncan said. “There are many great charities that need our help, but the Rhino Drone project gives donors a chance to see where their money is going. They even have the chance to track the Rhino Drone’s progress by visiting its social media sites.”

Track the Rhino Drone progress at


If you aren’t able to financially help us complete this project, we certainly understand.  Perhaps you could share this video using the indiegogo share tools.

If you can assist with funding this essential equipment, we thank you so much!!


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