Sunday, May 28, 2017

ECCW returns to Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom for July 12th’s Ballroom Brawl 2: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs

Last October, whBB2 Smallen ECCW announced it was partnering with Live Nation to bring ECCW’s brand of pro wrestling to Vancouver’s historic Commodore Ballroom, few could have imagined just how successful the event would become.
The Commodore Ballroom is a staple of the nightlife in downtown Vancouver, located on the 800 block of Granville street and constructed in 1929, before up going a massive 3.5 million dollar renovation in the late 1990?s with listed maximum capacity of 995.
Some of the world’s greatest entertainers have graced the Commodore, from Sammy Davis Jr. to James Brown, U2, The Police, Nirvana, Kiss, Tina Turner, Dr.Dre and Coldplay to name a few.
What made the first Ballroom Brawl an interesting proposition was that never in the 85 year history of the building had a pro wrestling event ever take place in that venue.
That’s right not even the global leader for pro wrestling, WWE, had taken to this stage before.
Meaning that the crowd drawn for this show was more a reflection of the locals’ appetite for independent pro wrestling than following a trendy buzz.
And on January 18th 2014 ECCW stepped up to bat and hit it out of the park. The show selling out just days before the event.
The building filled with a capacity crowd. From the opening six man tag bout featuring The G.O.D.S and J_Sin Sullivan against the East Van Warriors, to the epic ladder match for the ECCW Championship between El Phantasmo and Ravenous Randy Myers, the crowd was loud and boisterous throughout the evening.
They saw the product and had bought into Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling’s brand of entertainment.
Within days after the January show the local wrestling company, based in the Vancouver suburb of Port Coquitlam, would begin discussions for a follow up at the Commodore.
Then in late April 2014, it was announced that the company’s follow up show would be Saturday July 12th 2014. This event would also tie in with ECCW’s yearly Tables, Ladders and Chairs show.
As of this reporting about 80% of the tickets have been sold, with just 12 days until the show. The tickets are available for purchase through Ticketmaster and ringside seats have been sold out since the first week of sales.
You’re going to want to grab tickets as soon as possible, as the first show had many fans looking for scalpers outside the building as they scrambled to find one to grab last minute tickets to the city’s newest hot ticket event.
Below is a listed Card for Ballroom Brawl 2: Tables, Ladders and Chairs as of this past weekend according to ECCW’s official Facebook event.
TLC IX (TABLES, LADDERS & CHAIRS) MATCH FOR CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP:Tony Baroni (Champion) vs. Alex Plexis (Challenger) vs. Mike Santiago (Challenger) vs. Scotty Mac (Challenger)
MUMBAI STREET FIGHT FOR ECCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS:The Bollywood Boyz [Gurv Sihra & Harv Sihra] (Champions) vs. G.O.D.S. [Bishop & Sid Sylum] (Challengers) w/ Natural III
SIX-MAN TAG TEAM MATCH:East-Van Warriors [“The Loose Cannon” Kenny Lush, “Brilliant” Billy Suede & The King of the Yukon] vs. DTA [Jamie Diaz, Jordie Taylor & Daniel Adonis]
BEST OF 5 SERIES (MATCH 1):”Supernatural” Nelson Creed vs. Artemis Spencer
Entourage [Pete Powers & Brady Malibu] vs. The Riot [“Ravenous” Randy Myers & Andy “The Dreadful” Bird]


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