Sunday, May 28, 2017

ECCW at Science World

ECCW was invited to TELUS World of Science July 5 and 6 to help demonstrate the Science of Pro Wrestling.

SW2Brian Anderson, Program Developer, Community Engagement at Science World, and Scotty Mac discussed the misconceptions of Pro Wrestling and the importance of being properly trained.

They went on to demonstrate the physics involved such as leverage and angular momentum.





Brian used a sledge hammer with Anet Affect to show the physics of weight distribution on a bed of nails.
















Andy “The Dreadful Bird” spun on a disk showing how a person’s momentum speeds up or slows down depending on the position of the arms.











Brian Anderson body slammed Scotty Mac demonstrating leverage.









The crowds at Science World enjoyed a short show featuring several stars of ECCW.












Brian Anderson was kind enough to send us the following message.

“Hi Scotty, Hi Mary

Thank you both again for the outstanding event this weekend.  We have received nothing but positive feedback from all of our visitors and it was fantastic to see the energy and excitement that your visit added to our Science of Sport exhibition.  I also appreciated the warmth and professionalism displayed by all of your team members and your flexibility with the challenges that the weather presented.

ECCW is a fantastic organization and I would recommend them enthusiastically for any family event.

Break all kinds of legs (if that is appropriate) on Saturday

All the best

Brian Anderson”

ECCW would be honoured to return to Science World if the opportunity arose again.


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