Tuesday, January 17, 2017

DTA: Rise of an Empire?

dtaWhen The Administration dissolved in 2013, it left behind a legacy. Between ownership of ECCW and multiple title reigns, the duo of Scotty Mac and Jamie Diaz was a perfect match. Scotty Mac, the veteran who has done it all and won it all, was no stranger to leading a stable. The name of Chill Town can still be heard around the province to this day, and a large part of that is in thanks to one of the most decorated wrestlers in Canada. There’s good reason why Diaz developed so well under his mentor.


To say that Diaz has vastly improved over the years is an understatement. He continues to gain in size and strength seemingly at will, and now has stepped out to blaze his own trail. The student looks to become the teacher, as Jamie Diaz has aligned himself with Jordie Taylor and Daniel Adonis in DTA. Diaz, now a veteran and ready for greatness. Taylor, the young lion who always goes full throttle. Adonis, the blueprint specimen with agility and speed as impressive as his strength and physique.


In defeating Scotty Mac at Ballroom Brawl in an Anything Goes match, Jamie Diaz made declaration that DTA’s time has arrived. It’s only a matter of time before DTA could be controlling championship gold.

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