Monday, January 23, 2017

Detailed Results TLC VII


Russian Community Centre

June 23rd 2012
MATCH 1: Bollywood Boyz defeated The RIOT [Nicole Matthews & Andy the Dreadful Bird]?

Sihras showcased their experience as a tag team by controlling a lot of the match.

Red DeNero took out Andy with a sneak attack using a steel chair.

An unknown masked wrestler carried off Andy, allowing the Boyz to pin Nicole.
MATCH 2: Azeem the Dream beat Ethan HD (w/ The Natural)

Attempted cheating early on backfired as Ethan and Natural collided with each other on the outside.

Azeem’s veteran skills and Ethan’s tenacity made for a very back and forth encounter.

HD once again collided with Natural, allowing Azeem to roll him up for the victory.
MATCH 3: The Honky Tonk Kid stole victory from Tony Baroni?

Crowd was split down the middle as HTK made his return to the RCC.

Both men gave it their all, hoping that victory would secure future title contention.

HTK used nefarious means by grabbing a handful of tights to pin the Guido Athleto.
MATCH 4: Sid Sylum successfully defended the ECCW Championship against Mike Santiago (w/ The Natural)?

Santiago’s pure wrestling skills made him a very difficult challenger for Sylum’s title.

J-Sin Sullivan appeared via video post-match, and has kidnapped Sid’s own sister.

Sylum demands a match with the recently fired J-Sin, no matter what it takes.
MATCH 5: The Greedfather was victorious over “Dastardly” Danni Deeds

A new fury has made the young Greedfather a dangerous competitor.

Deeds’ meek demeanor disguised his wrestling abilities and gave him the early advantage.

Greedfather with a statement victory as he looks to move up the ladder in ECCW.
MATCH 6: Artemis Spencer tapped out Bishop (w/ The Natural) in a Submission Match to tie their Best of 5 series at 2-2?

Bishop leads 2-1 in the series.

Spencer must win for one more match with gold on the line.

Interference from the Natural backfired, as he accidentally hit Bishop between the eyes with the title, allowing Spencer to tap out the champion with his Arty Choke

.?After the match, Bishop was visibly upset with The Natural, and walked to the back on his own.

A fifth and final match will now take place June 29th in Surrey, with the NWA Canadian Heavyweight championship on the line in an Iron Man match.
POST-INTERMISSION: Announcement on behalf of ECCW ownership?

Upon resumption of the event, it was announced by ambassador “Insane” Bill Coltrane that the ownership of ECCW has confirmed the return of J-Sin Sullivan on a temporary contract.

He will face Sid Sylum July 14th at the RCC in a non-title Last Man Standing match.
MATCH 7: Scotty Mac & Jamie Diaz (w/ Michael Sweetster) retained their ECCW Tag Team titles against The RIOT [Ravenous Randy & Alex Plexis] in TLC VII?

All four men went at it tooth and nail from the beginning,using all weapons at their disposal.

Blood was spilled all over the RCC.

Red DeNero, Nicole Matthews, and The Greedfather all got involved midway through the match.

Despite the titles being within reach, Randy attempted to rescue his stablemate Andy from being hung from the balcony by the unknown masked man.

Jamie Diaz took advantage, retrieving the title belts and allowing he and Scotty Mac to retain the championships in one of the most grueling matches in ECCW history.

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