Sunday, July 13, 2014


climax 13Climax has come and gone, and with it goes the first half of what has been a great 2013. Before we look ahead to ECCW’s second half, including the second Shooting Star 6 tournament, let’s take a look back at what was a very interesting night in Surrey.

There was much anticipation for the Tornado Tag Match between GODS and The Stallions. Four of the best in ECCW went at it tooth and nail, in what was arguably a Sullivan Hall classic. But just when it looked like Tony Baroni and Artemis Spencer would emerge victorious, The Natural threw powder in Baroni’s eyes. Sid Sylum then rolled up his blinded opponent, scoring the pin fall for he and Bishop.

With the victory, GODS could be looking at future opponents in The Amerikan Guns. Earlier in the evening, Ethan HD and Mike Santiago ended the seemingly unstoppable championship reign of The Bollywood Boyz. By defeating Gurv and Harv Sihra, Santiago and HD captured the ECCW Tag Team titles for the very first time.

The Canadian Heavyweight championship stayed around the waist of Scotty Mac, due to the combined interference of The Administration and Moondog Manson forcing his match with The Cremator to be ruled a no-contest. Cremator had taken quite a beating in a fight against the entire House of Hell moments before his title opportunity.

With the title match thrown out, a tag team match was immediately begun between The Administration and the team of Moondog Manson and The Cremator. Though Scotty Mac and Jamie Diaz have had their problems as of late, both men were committed to victory. But it would be a cheap shot to The Cremator’s knee by Jordie Taylor, followed by Diaz’s devastating Ax Kick, that won the match for The Administration.

In other action that evening, Ravenous Randy beat Pete Powers, after The Natural called for Powers to hit his Power Trip finisher a second time. Powers felt he had the match won already, which lead to an argument between the manager and his charge post-match.

Also at Climax, Azeem the Dream continued his winning ways in a triple threat match against Lak Siddartha and Travis Cole. Andy the Dreadful Bird defeated Priest, and Alex Plexis was victorious over Daniel Adonis.

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