Friday, June 23, 2017

CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP, TRIPLE THREAT MATCH: “Supernatural” Nelson Creed (Champion) vs. Tony Baroni vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

BB Harry bannerStepping into an ECCW ring for the first time and having it be a shot at the Canadian title is rather unheard of. But when you are a former WWE Tag Team Champion, a former IWGP Tag Team Champion and a member of a wrestling Dynasty, you are a marked man wherever you go. And when you’re Stu Hart’s grandson, there are plenty of people who’d want to try you. On January 18th, ECCW will be proud to welcome Davey Boy Smith Jr. to the Commodore Ballroom. The son of WWE Legend “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith (a former WWE Tag Team, Hardcore, European, and Intercontinental Champion himself) Davey Boy Smith Jr. comes from good stock. Seeing how he fares againt his two opponents, whom he has never faced under the ECCW banner, will be a case study in adaptability. And one we will all be privileged to witness. Tony Baroni has been on fire as of late and has surely earned his way into this match through sheer grit and sweat. His team’s win over the G.O.D.S. in the steel cage main event of Halloween Hell 2013 is something people are still talking about and it’s a match that will go down as one of the greatest in the company’s history. And with singles victories over top contenders like Alex Plexis and Daniel Adonis, he is ready to stand toe to toe with any foes. But this might be his toughest challenge to date. Speaking of tough, we come to our Canadian Champion, Nelson Creed. He may have started off by calling himself “Supernatural” but, during his recent title run he has made believers out of a lot of people. When he won the Canadian Championship in a three way match against Scotty Mac and Kenny Lush, he shocked a lot of people. But since the night of September 14th 2013 he has silenced most critics. Don’t let the smug attitude and the fancy wordplay fool you. He has been a fighting champion, taking on all comers. And if there’s a man that will truly relish being put to the test against two men the calibre of Baroni and Smith Jr., a man that won’t back down from a fight because until someone proves themselves better, he sincerely knows he’s the best, it is “Supernatural” Nelson Creed. All bets are off on this one. Just get comfortable on the edge of you seat and ride it out.

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