Monday, January 16, 2017

Bishop Makes History in Vancouver

article1Firstly, it must be stated that winning the Pacific Cup tournament is not easy.


Once a year, for over a decade, ECCW picks from the cream of the crop in professional wrestling to compete for the right to be called the best. Having to be successful in consecutive matches against top competition demands so much out of each competitor. It is a tournament that most will never win. Victory means taking your career to the next level. Now that Bishop has won the 2014 tournament, the next level could soon be upon him.


Bishop had already won the Pacific Cup in 2012. In fact, defeating Artemis Spencer in the tournament final won him the Canadian championship as well. That in itself was already a historical feat, and now Bishop is the first two time winner of the Pacific Cup. Now that he holds this distinction, what will come next for the behemoth?


If The Natural has his way, that could be either one of ECCW champion Ravenous Randy or newly crowned Canadian champion Tony Baroni. Baroni and Bishop are no strangers to standing on opposite sides of the ring, and the Ravenous One would be a worthy challenge and a thrilling match indeed. Time will only tell what history is yet to be written.

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