Friday, May 26, 2017

A message from TWL Director – Stephen Gillis

I am overwhelmed and humbled by the many beautiful messages and positive response I’ve received about This Wrestling Life since it’s release on Itunes in Canada. I’ve been literally brought to tears.

Having your hard work appreciated and for someone taking time out of their life to take it in means the world. I feel very blessed. It could have never happened without the hard work of Lynn Booth, Rodney Ruel, Greg Montage Ng, Bob Landy, Lindsay Rusheleau, and so many more. I thank them endlessly.

I will be forever grateful for the experience making that film and for Scotty Mac, Bill Taylor, Miss Natalie, and Travis Nieken for allowing me to tell their story. Thank you.


One Response to “A message from TWL Director – Stephen Gillis”
  1. dmac says:

    I thought it was awesome. Seen it a millon times. Congrats on a Sweet piece of movie making.