Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wrestlers go the mat to aid the food bank

Wrestlers with the Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling company took part in a fundraiser in PoCo last week that netted $450 and a carload of food for the SHARE Family & Community Services Society.
Photograph by: Lisa King

About $450 and a “carload of food” will soon be in the hands of those who need it the most. The Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) company hosted a fundraiser in PoCo last weekend, and once the final bell had rung, the winner turned out to be the SHARE Family & Community Services Society.

ECCW co-owner Mary Diaz said cash donations came in at about $450, while enough food, diapers and other items were collected to fill up a small car.

“It was awesome,” Diaz said. “I think everyone had a good time and we gave away some great prizes.”

Outside of taking in six different matches, those in attendance received a raffle ticket for every dollar or food item donated. Prizes that were doled out included gift certificates, gas cards and a year’s pass to every show – roughly 30 per year – the company stages.

The organization’s inaugural fundraiser in 2009 featured 20 participants wrestling for 72 consecutive hours. At the time, $3,000 was raised, and close to 3,000 pounds of food donated to the food bank.

Donations netted from last week’s fundraiser were set to be dropped off at the SHARE food bank Thursday night, after NOW deadline.

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