Friday, June 23, 2017

The Lost Art of Tag Team Wrestling

Tag Team Wrestling matches have been an integral part of the sport since it’s inception. An exciting division that has created many top stars, as well as drawn huge gates around the world. Yet for some reason it’s a dying art form, as evidenced by the lack of interest that the big wrestling promotions appear to have in promoting it.
In this book, for ECCW Tag Team Champion Skag Rollins examines the psychology of the genre and looks back on the last great decade of tag team wrestling, the 1980s.
World renowned wrestling photographer Mike Lano’s pictures help to illustrate the story that is told by Rollins along with contributors Les Thatcher, James J Dillon, James Beard, Smith Hart, Bryan Alvarez, Dr. Luther and others, a story of the Lost Art of Tag Team Wrestling.”

The book is $12.99 and available at

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Jerry Jarrett
Chapter 1: The Active Ingredients 
What elements are needed to make a great tag team and a great tag team match?
Chapter 2: The Best of Times A look back at some of the great teams in pro wrestling’s vast history.
Chapter 3: The Worst of Times A look back at some teams that had us all shaking our head.
Chapter 4: What Would Have Become of The Heartbreak Kid? Some of the biggest names in pro wrestling cut their teeth in the tag team division. This chapter looks at some mega stars who started out as tag team specialists.

Chapter 5: The Dream Teams Some of wrestling’s great teams were formed by two stars who’d already established themselves in single competition.
Chapter 6: Tag Team Wrestling Today (or, the worst of times…again) Though the WWE seems to be focussing more attention on tag team wrestling in 2012, the fact remains that tag team wrestling now is not on par with where it was before.  However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some real potential to be found.
Here is a whole bonus section (over 100 pages long) profiling some of the best tag teams of the 1980s

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