Friday, June 23, 2017

The Bollywood Boyz Get “Grilled” on TEAM Radio!

bollywood on grillThe Bollywood Boyz, Gurv and Harv Sihra joined “The Grill” on TEAM 1410 Sports Radio this past weekend. The show is hosted by Joe Leary, Angus Reid of the B.C. Lions and Corey Basso.
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The Sihra Brothers spoke in length about their time in ECCW, their start in the industry, their time wrestling in Ring Ka King in India, their relationship with Chris Jericho and much more!

The interview can be heard on the link below around the 13-minute mark.
On how Ring Ka King came about:
Gurv: “I was getting out of the gym and I got an e-mail from Jeff Jarrett from TNA Wrestling saying ‘Hey, contact us! We’re looking to bring you guys over for a project we’re working on.’ Next thing you know, we’re packing up our bag and off to India we go on two trips!”
On early small town shows on the road:
Harv: “We used to go hardcore! From Vancouver to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between. We used to go up to Northern Manitoba.  Places like Oxford House. Places you’ve never even heard of. Places like Vermillion. Red Sucker Lake. We used to go to these places and wrestle!”
On meeting Chris Jericho:
Gurv: “We eventually get kicked out. On the way out we bump in to [Chris] Jericho and we mention that we work for [Tony] Condello, who is a famous promoter in North Manitoba and Winnipeg… ”
On working as heels early in their careers:
Harv: “I was the heel and I had said something that really stirred the crowd up. I’m not going to say it here. I was just starting out. I think I was wrestling the Honky Tonk Man that night. So I was already nervous on top of that. Anyways, I said something and this guy came up to me after the show… “

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