Monday, January 16, 2017


support-indy-wrestlingI always see that meme, and I hate it. I read a quote from a former WWE & TNA wrestler who said that if you are a wrestling fan you need to go support your local promotion. That’s nonsense.

Not ALL wrestling is the same, and it’s not the fan’s responsibility to support any wrestling promotion. This is Pro Wrestling, there are no participation trophies handed out to those who did little more than show up. It is the responsibility of the promoter, the wrestlers, the bookers, and the whole crew to entertain the audience that pays their hard earned money to come and see them.
If the show delivers, the fans will support it.

Last night ECCW proved this theory to be true. I wasn’t there, but from everything I have seen and read there was a sell out crowd of over 800 people packed into the Commodore Ballroom for an event that was promoted as being the biggest in the company’s 17 year history. There were no special guests, no former WWE stars or anything like that. That sell out crowd was drawn because of the hard work of the ECCW locker room, past and present (make no mistake about it, ECCW has a reputation in British Columbia that has grown over nearly two decades) as well as the office and everyone involved.

I hope there was a huge celebration last night, because every single one of you deserve it. And I am so looking forward to seeing what’s next for Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling, because if I know that crew like I think I do, the wheels are already turning on how to out-do last night.

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