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Sharing those new experiences

Sharing those new experiences

By Clare Adams, Freelance September 26, 2012

We took the kids to wrestling on the weekend.
It wasn’t necessarily on this year’s to-do list, but we won tickets at this year’s Terry Fox Run – an event which is on our every-year-mustdo list – and so after checking out that it was OK for young children (family night in PoCo has no F-bombs, blood or weapons) we decided that this was a good opportunity to try out something that none of us had ever done and experience something different.
I can appreciate that it might not be everybody’s choice for a family night out. As somebody who hates violence and has never understood the attraction of WWE, I was a little dubious about whether this was a good idea, but in general I’m all for having an open mind and giving things a go.
I’m currently reading William Shatner’s book Shatner Rules, and very much subscribe to his philosophy that you should say “yes” to every opportunity. After high school, as an au pair in Vienna, I said yes to standingin as maid for the Peruvian Ambassador’s residence once, and I also said yes to having tea with the ambassador to Kuwait one time. Often an open mind leads to some incredible experiences.
Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be in Canada at all if it wasn’t for getting on a plane and taking a look.
Eleven years on I just spent a month documenting our experience here for my citizenship application and it’s wonderful to reflect on how well we have settled, all our good friends, our great life, fantastic family. It’s a good job we said yes to giving this a go.
So, off to wrestling we went. Son, who had spent well over an hour wrestling with me and his Dad the day before and is every inch a typical ‘boy,’ instantly took one look at the ring and announced he wanted to go home. He was shaking.
Daughter, who was traumatized by the stage performance of The Wizard of Oz on the other hand, immediately retaliated with “Oh no, I want to stay, this is going to be awesome.”
Hubby and I looked at each other completely perplexed. In the end Son and I moved out into the front lobby where he agreed to stay and watch a little bit to try it out. And there we remained for the rest of the evening watching the show from just outside the room.
He wouldn’t go into the room and he did not want me to shout at the bad guys (c’mon, if you’re there you may as well get right into it), but he did stay and seemed to quite enjoy the raucous fun.
The six-to-10-year-old girls on the other hand were clearly having the most fun out of everyone. Aside from my daughter, who was yelling and booing in all the right places, there was a group of about eight young girls on the opposite side of the ring from me and they were clearly enraptured, too.
They had signs, were standing and cheering, jeering, giving thumbs down and goading the wrestlers. I couldn’t believe how into it they were.
Clearly there’s a missed opportunity here for Mattel or Disney to sponsor some wrestling shows – I’m thinking Prince Charming vs Snow White’s Evil Queen or Ken & Barbie vs Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters. Seriously, who knew wrestling would have such appeal to that demographic?
All in all it was a fun night and I have to say I was pretty impressed at the level of athleticism these guys (and one girl) showed.
Their bodies definitely took a pummeling and some of the acrobatics were astounding. And while the drama wasn’t exactly my kind of thing, some of the characters were pretty humourous.
Thanks to ECCW for both the tickets and for giving us the opportunity to say yes to a new experience. Forever will “boo-boo kisser” be remembered and repeated.
. Clare Adams is a TriCities mom.
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